Adding eCommerce to your business requires an investment of time and money. Most companies find that it’s worth it in terms of cost savings. But their analysis ends there—and they miss out on the real benefits of eCommerce.

You can use the web to do so much more than sell products quickly and cheaply. By tightly integrating eCommerce with the rest of your business, you can provide a seamless customer experience that your competitors simply can’t match. Find out how in a new white paper from Bennett/Porter & Associates.
“Omni-channel success is based on providing a consistent and efficient customer experience through any channel that the customer chooses to engage their relationship with your company. This requires the support of strong and fully integrated supporting functions that treat all channels with equal efficiency and effect.”
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In The Best eCommerce Starts with Tighter Integration you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a business case that convinces your colleagues to invest in robust integration to your back end systems.
  • Make more repeat sales, and support them with efficient fulfillment.  
  • Establish a single hub for all transactions in all channels.
  • Hone your eCommerce strategy for lasting success.
  • Avoid building a “same old, same old” eCommerce business.

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