This eBook explains how distributors can improve cash flow with Acumatica Cloud ERP

The trouble with trying to enhance the quote-to-cash cycle is that every distributor has slightly different processes. Your inventory policies, warehouse activities, and customer demands dictate exactly how your workflows should work. You’ll never get the personalized fit you need with typical one-size-fits-all ERP platforms.

Acumatica Distribution and Ecommerce Edition is different. It’s flexible enough to support unique quote-to-cash workflows. And it delivers powerful applications with automation to manage leads, sales, inventory, purchasing, ecommerce, warehouse management, shipments, and accounting. Find out more in this new playbook.

Read this playbook to find out:

icon_Blue-1 Which three phases and 14 unique steps your next solution must support.

icon_Blue-1 How to manage and optimize Leads and Opportunities.

icon_Blue-1 Five different ways  Sales Orders can be fed into Acumatica.

icon_Blue-1 How to get the real-time information you need for continuous improvement.

icon_Blue-1 What decision-makers from six leading companies are saying about running their quote-to-cash cycle on Acumatica.